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A Steak Story …. Always Striving for the Best Quality

A Steak Story …. Always Striving for the Best Quality

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Smith & Wollensky is proud to announce a new partnership that will further elevate the steak dining experience. We will continue to offer USDA Prime beef, but now all locations will be serving Iowa Premium, which specializes in family-farm certified Black Angus beef.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, the signature rich corn-fed beef flavor is a result of the perfect combination of resources – rolling green pastures, abundant corn and dedicated family farmer-feeders that produce the highest quality, well-marbled beef, known around the world. Fueled by the quality of the soil and the fortitude of those who farm it, Iowa’s farmers have been devoted to raising and growing food for generations.

Hand-selected to ensure flavorful, tender beef.
Iowa Premium hand-selects only corn-fed Black Angus cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics. Angus cattle have higher quality marbling, which is the leading indicator of flavor, tenderness and juiciness – the key factors in a premium eating experience. Angus genetics produce a more desirable, finer texture with uniform fat fleck size and distribution. Fat yields flavor and the even distribution of marbling infuses the rich, beefy flavor consumers prefer.

Our beef comes from families, not factories.
Iowa Premium beef is grown and processed responsibly and sustainably. The cattle come from family farm-feeders as close to our plant as possible, preferably within a 150 miles
. . . reducing cattle stress. Cattle are treated with dignity, respect and compassion. Beginning with our farm partners and extending to all phases of processing. It is the people – the dedicated farm families whose hard-work, integrity and commitment to raising and growing food that is a defining difference.

Iowa Premium is located in the heart of the Midwest, at a world-class facility in Tama, Iowa. The newly renovated state-of-the art facility incorporates the latest technologies and interventions for food safety, quality assurance and environmental excellence. The company strives to continually improve operational efficiencies, reduce their environmental footprint and protect the natural resources.

Smith & Wollensky is proud to partner with Iowa Premium, in an exclusive restaurant partnership providing the best and freshest possible beef to our patrons.

Make a reservation soon to experience the quality of corn fed Angus beef.