An unrivaled steak-eating experience featuring Snake River Farms American Wagyu paired with six world-class Napa Valley wines, available by the glass for a limited time!

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Enjoy these world-class American wines by the glass (or by the bottle) for a limited time at very special pricing. Carefully curated to pair with our Snake River Farms American Wagyu, only at Smith & Wollensky.

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In partnership with the Pioneers of American Wagyu, an unrivaled steak eating experience. The unique taste & tenderness originates from Japanese foundation sire Fukutsuru, once ranked the highest marbling bull in the U.S.

For a limited time only, feast on the finest American Wagyu cuts, including the Wagyu Porterhouse, Long Bone Wagyu Filet and Wagyu Filet Mignon, all from Snake River Farms.



Working with National Beverage Director Christian Gianaris, Smith & Wollensky has assembled an American Wines-by-the-Glass selection that complements American Wagyu perfectly for a unique steak-eating experience. Focusing on California’s Napa Valley, one of the most renowned wine regions in the world, we’ve identified a rich range of premium pairings. Blessed with rare climate, rich soils and terrain of various elevations, the unique terroir has made Napa Valley virtually destined to make some of the best wine ever produced.

Relatively speaking, Napa Valley is a small winemaking region, just 30 miles long and 5 miles wide. In contrast, Bordeaux in France is eight times larger. Despite the small size of Napa Valley, it’s topographical diversity more than makes up for it in the wines it produces. Napa Valley is home to mountain terrain, valley floors, and benchlands. This varied terrain leads to the diverse soils that are found in the region representing half of the world’s 12 recognized soil orders and 33 different soil series. Napa Valley also has a rare and ideal climate—the summers are warm, the winters are mild, and it only rains a few months out of the year, giving the vines a long growing season.

Enhancing the Wagyu dining experience this season, we’ve selected six premium red wines from this Napa Valley region, normally only available by the bottle.


Wagyu refers to a breed of cattle, most notably the Japanese Black which originated in the Kobe region of the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Three major Japanese Wagyu brands have stood the test of time with Kobe being the most notable. The other two brands, also sometimes referred to as Kobe beef but raised in nearby prefectures, are Matsusaka Ushi and Ohmi Beef. Much like sparkling wine from a specific region in France is commonly known as Champagne, KOBE references a place versus a product, while Wagyu is the breed of cattle.

Japanese Wagyu is highly marbled and considered a delicacy, typically sold by the ounce, thinly sliced, and eaten in small portions. Snake River Farms, known as the “pioneers of American Wagyu”, sought to unite the best of both worlds in beef perfection. In 1989 they crossed traditional beef cattle breeds with purebred Wagyu to develop what is now celebrated as the original American Wagyu. Improving their herd for over 30 years, the result is a perfect blend of famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beef flavor that American beef is known for. Designated a Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Snake River Farms has perfected the finest breeding program in America.

Together with our committed partners, America’s Steakhouse has sourced a selection of American Wagyu cuts to complement our USDA Prime steaks this season, elevating the classic steakhouse experience to new luxurious heights. In curating this new offering, the Japanese Beef Marbling Score (BMS) is carefully considered for each specific cut. The scoring is based on the level of marbling within the steak and ranges from BMS 4 (Silver Grade) on up to BMS 12 (Gold Grade). All the SRF American Wagyu beef grades consistently above traditional USDA Prime. This BMS grade-sorting allows for the highest level of quality and most consistent, luxurious steak-eating experience in the world.

While Smith & Wollensky guests are familiar with the now ‘Instagram-famous’ Swinging Tomahawk Rib Eye, another shareable Wagyu feature is the impressive 34-ounce Porterhouse for Two which is BMS Gold Grade, sliced to share and served with fondant potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Also quite impressive is the Long Bone Wagyu Filet which features an 18 oz. Gold Grade bone-in filet, so rich and buttery our chef has paired it with a lemon and crispy garlic arugula salad for balance. Several more American Wagyu Steaks are now featured alongside our USDA Prime Steakhouse Cuts for a carnivorous celebration this holiday season!


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