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Paramount Caviar paired with selected Sparkling Wines.
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the world’s leading caviar

Founded in 1991 by husband-and-wife team Hossein Aimani and Amy Arrow-Aimani, Paramount Caviar has become the leading caviar importer and distributor in the United States. Their dedication to quality, education, and sustainability makes them the caviar of choice for the most esteemed MICHELIN Star restaurants and luxury hospitality groups. At Paramount Caviar, they believe caviar is a celebrated experience, no matter the occasion. We are honored to bring this exceptional caviar to our guests and create wonderful memories.

caviar offerings

hackleback sturgeon

Native to the Mississippi & Missouri Rivers. The Hackleback roe has a wonderful buttery flavor and looks like velvet. Recently, the Hackleback caviar has been given the nickname “adult candy” by many of the chefs that are using it in their restaurants.

royal siberian sturgeon

The Royal Siberian’s small, shiny black roe has a full-bodied, earthy flavor and is perfect for those who enjoy robust flavor profiles.

imperial osetra sturgeon

Known as one of the purest sturgeons embodying a medium-sized pearl, with a classic nutty flavor, and a firm roe that will burst when pressed against the palate of one’s mouth. This species is reminiscent of wild Caspian Sea caviar with pearls ranging from golden amber to soft amber brown.


Carefully selected bubbles

Working with National Beverage Director, Christian Gianaris, Smith & Wollensky has selected a range of bubbles high in in acidity, yet with a complex and rich flavor profiles. The acidity in these sparkling wines cut through the saltiness of the caviar, while the rich and complex flavors complement the delicate and subtle taste. Our selections are the perfect complement to the luxurious taste of Paramount caviar.

featured sparkling


Laluca Prosecco is sourced from some of the finest vines in Veneto’s Treviso province in northeastern Italy. The Treviso province is known for its higher quality Glera grapes, which are used to produce many of the premier Proseccos in Italy.


One of the flagship Crémants d’Alsace, made exclusively from Pinot Noir grown on terroirs favorable to the sole Alsatian red grape variety. It’s beautiful, brilliant pink color exhibits predominantly red fruit aromas and a very pleasant roundness on the palate.


Founded in 1760, Maison Lanson is one of the oldest Champagne Houses. For over 260 years, Lanson has stayed true to its values which are exemplified in the Lanson Cross – a symbol of openness, kindness, and hospitality.


The 2014 vintage of this iconic bottling by Louis Roederer is the most critically acclaimed fine wine in the houses’ 177-year history. Smith & Wollensky is proud to partner with Louis Roederer, a true icon of luxury, style, and taste.


Founded by Andrew Weeber, this English sparkling wine stands up alongside the very finest global offerings. The distinctive English Rosé is made from a blend of estate-grown Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier.


The Official Toast of Formula 1, these bubbles are the manifestation of Italian tradition. The 1906 Gold Medal winner at the International Exhibition in Milan, continuing year after year, eventually becoming Italy’s awarded sparkling wines.

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