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Our Story

Our American Dream

Smith & Wollensky founder Alan Stillman

1977 - What a year!

Smith & Wollensky’s story began in New York City in 1977 - a raucous destination for what has become an all-American classic.

Our founder Alan Stillman, along with an eclectic group of locals and newcomers seeking the American Dream, built the foundations of service and hospitality that have become the cornerstones of our identity.

S&W Today

Today, Smith & Wollensky is a collection of iconic steakhouses in select American cities and well-travelled global destinations.

Built on a rich heritage of characters and stories, we embody a timeless confidence that stands proud as new fads come and go. We honor the traditions of our past, make the most of the present, and plan for the future.

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As we embark on the next chapter of our story to bring our passion for exceptional quality and gracious hospitality across shores in Europe and Asia, we continue to be known not only for our steaks, but the warm welcome that awaits you wherever you may be.

We are an all-American brand with timeless appeal, and we are resolutely proud to be America’s steakhouse.

Our Dream

Like our founding members, we believe in hard work as the true driver of sustained success. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from – with old-school charm and a little swagger, you too can make it here.

The American dream is alive and well in Smith & Wollensky – we’ve been serving it to our valued guests on a plate for 45 years.

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Quality You Can Trust

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Everything we do, we do right. Our uncompromising attention to detail is just one of many factors that make a meal with Smith & Wollensky an unforgettable experience. From the perfect weight of our custom steak knives, to our iconic S&W napkin, to our obsession with sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients - expect the exceptional.

Cowboy on horse is herding cows with his border collie

At Snake River Farms in the pristine landscape of Caldwell, Idaho, we raise our cattle on our very own ranch in the most sustainable and humane manner to produce the finest steaks America has to offer.

Smith & Wollensky steak knife in a wooden presentation box

At Smith & Wollensky, no detail is too small. We’ve designed our own custom steak knives for use across all of our locations to make your experience just a bit more special.

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Richness, complexity, and balance in each and every sip. Our selection of luxurious California wines from our partners at Girard Winery in Napa Valley provide a perfect pairing for a perfect meal.

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Creating Memories

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