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USDA Prime and American Wagyu steaks - directly from our ranch to your front door. Enjoy an unforgettable meal at home that transports you into the heart of bold American cuisine. Just don’t forget to visit us once in a while - we can’t wait to see you again.

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Why S&W Steaks

Our selection of fine steaks, the very same we serve in our restaurants, comes with the Smith & Wollensky guarantee of quality you can trust. Sourced from our Snake River Farms in the pristine landscape of Caldwell, Idaho, we raise our cattle to produce the finest steaks on our terms - from signature porterhouse and T-bone steaks, to tender filet mignon and flavorful ribeyes.

Cowboy on horse is herding cows with his border collie

We source our own beef directly from our Snake River Farms ranch, set against the backdrop of the pristine landscapes and rolling hills of Caldwell, Idaho

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We believe in an uncompromising approach to ensure the quality of our steaks - from raising and harvesting our cattle in the most sustainable and humane manner, to the care our Chefs take in their preparation

Give friends, family, colleagues, or yourself the gift of the finest steak America has to offer.

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