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Smith & Wollensky Opens in Taichung’s Seventh Redevelopment Zone



New Location on the 34th Floor of CDB Times Square Marks the Highest Steakhouse in Taichung and the Second Asian Location


TAICHUNG, TAIWAN – (June 12, 2023) – Smith & Wollensky, the highly acclaimed American steakhouse, celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Taipei location earlier this year. Today, the brand proudly announces the grand opening of its Taichung restaurant. Recognizing the thriving dining market and commercial potential of Taichung's Seventh Redevelopment Zone, Smith & Wollensky has established itself on the 34th floor of CDB Times Square, now the highest steakhouse in Taichung. This new location continues the brand’s tradition in Asia, offering a perfect blend of classic cuisine and stunning high-rise views.

"We are thrilled to expand our presence in Taiwan with the opening of our Taichung Restaurant," said John Hardyment, Chairman of Smith & Wollensky Restaurants Taiwan. "Since opening in Taipei in 2019, we've achieved remarkable performance. Notably, during the pandemic, Taipei was the only location worldwide to remain open, underscoring Taiwan's strong love for steak. With a focus on the rising high-end dining market in central and southern Taiwan, our decision to open a second location in Taichung is a strategic move in our broader expansion plan."

The expansion plan includes locations in Manila (Q1 2025), Shanghai (Q3 2025), and Tokyo's Ginza district (Q1 2026), with the entire Asian market projected to generate NT$2 billion in annual revenue over the next two years.


Classic Modern Interior Design with Unmatched Outdoor Views


The Taichung restaurant spans approximately 660 square meters and can accommodate 150 guests, featuring a bar area, dining area, private rooms, and an outdoor terrace. The indoor seating capacity is 130, with five private rooms. The interior design combines the brand’s iconic green with wood accents, creating an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Contemporary art pieces add a modern touch, while American-style curved sofas enhance dining comfort. The space benefits from ample natural light during the day, with layered lighting creating a cozy ambiance at night. The Taichung restaurant also features a stage for performances, inspired by the popular jazz band performances at the Taipei location. Legendary American jazz musician Bobby West, who performs in Taipei, will regularly perform in Taichung, bringing the classic New York jazz night experience to the city. The outdoor terrace, a highlight of the Taichung location, offers 20 seats, including sofa sets for friendly gatherings, allowing guests to enjoy stunning scenery, sunsets, and dazzling night lights.


47 Years of Exclusive Dry-Aging Technique with a Dedicated Aging Room


Smith &Wollensky prides itself on its exclusive dry-aging technique. The dry-aging room in Taipei has been expanded to support the opening of the Taichung restaurant, featuring a dedicated 50- square-meter space capable of storing approximately 340 beef primal cuts, each weighing approximately 15 kilograms. This ensures both Taipei and Taichung locations offer the same high- quality, dry-aged steaks. The 47+year-old dry-aging technique from the United States involves controlling the beef in a temperature and humidity regulated environment with continuous airflow, utilizing UV light to inhibit harmful bacteria. Professional staff continuously monitor the meat quality, adjusting various parameters. The beef undergoes a 28-day aging process to achieve top- tier meat quality. The restaurant exclusively uses USDA Prime grade beef from Double R Ranch as well as American Wagyu cuts from Snake River Farms, ensuring the same delicious steak is served across all global locations. The dry-aging process enhances the beef's flavor and tenderness, preserving the unique sweet taste of Double R Ranch and SRF beef, contributing to the Taipei location selling 50 tons of steak annually.


Classic Dishes with a Unique Touch at the Taichung Restaurant


While the Taichung restaurant menu mirrors that of the Taipei location, it includes a unique touch with a hidden gem—the Gigantic Chocolate Cake Cocktail. This deconstructed version of the signature dessert features Baileys Irish Cream and brandy as the base, mixed with chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and crushed ice to create a milkshake-like texture reminiscent of the cake’s mousse layers. Topped with freshly whipped cream and chocolate cow cookies, the glass is decorated with chocolate patterns that replicate the ten-layer chocolate cake, making it a visually and flavorfully delightful adult liquid dessert.

Classic popular dishes are also available, such as the Classic Combo Starters, combining Angry Shrimp, Crab Cakes, and Seared Scallops in one platter. The dry-aged bone-in New York Strip, favored by Warren Buffett, is rich in flavor and texture, while the dry-aged bone-in ribeye, with its abundant marbling and tenderness, is a favorite among Taiwanese diners. The show-stopping 44- ounce dry-aged American Wagyu Tomahawk steak is served tableside, where the dry-aged beef fat is torched and allowed to drip onto the steak. This tableside presentation, with the aromatic beef fat dripping and seared with a torch, adds extra flavor, offering a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The Gigantic Chocolate Cake, with its ten layers of rich, moist chocolate cake and mousse, remains an unmissable dessert, both delicious and visually striking.

Smith & Wollensky Taichung is now open, offering an unparalleled dining experience with a combination of exquisite cuisine, elegant design, and breathtaking views.

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