Smith & Wollensky & Double R Ranch

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We are pleased to announce a new beef partnership with Double R Ranch, located in the Pacific Northwest. Through this collaboration, Smith & Wollensky continues its commitment to working with a distinguished and sustainability-minded, single sourced producer to deliver the highest quality and consistency available on the market to its guests. Part of family owned and operated Agri Beef Foods with a network of family-operated ranches in the Pacific Northwest, Double R Ranch is the exclusive premium beef vendor of Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, Inc.

From ranch to table, the family team at Double R Ranch, named after founder Robert Rebholtz Sr., is involved in every step of the beef lifecycle, including ranching, cattle feeding, and beef processing. Their 70,000-acre ranch in Loomis, Washington, is the home for the breeding herd of Double R Ranch and Snake River Farms, where the heart of their core values is focused on improving livestock, preserving resources, and raising the highest quality cattle in the Northwest.

“I believe Double R Ranch is the finest premium beef available on the market, hand-selected to include only the highest levels of marbling on the USDA grading scale,” said Corporate Executive Chef Matt King. “Through this partnership with Agri Beef Foods and the Rebholtz family of Double R Ranch, we have furthered our commitment to the tradition of ranching with like-minded collaborators and support of sustainable farming practices. At Double R Ranch, sustainability, total quality, animal well-being and social responsibility is a way of life, and we are excited to share their story, seasoned to perfection, through our food at Smith & Wollensky.”

At Double R Ranch, the mild climate, open spaces, and the abundance of natural resources available in the Pacific Northwest ensures that cattle are healthy and comfortable, as healthy cattle are essential to producing the highest quality of beef. The temperate climate also increases access to a diverse range of sustainable and renewable feed ingredients so cattle are nutritiously fed, formulated from a mix of alfalfa, hay, grains, potato and corn, as well as vitamins and minerals custom formulated by a professional cattle nutritionist. These rich elements combined with Double R Ranch’s dedication to applying the most advanced quality practices and food safety measures from ranch to table allow the team to deliver consistently bold and delicious premium beef, always tender, juicy and packed with flavor.

“The extraordinary care, pride and passion that Double R Ranch demonstrates from start to finish in their production process is one of the many reasons that they are highly respected by chefs, restaurateurs and food industry professionals,” adds Matt King. “Ranching culture and a great appreciation for the land is deeply ingrained into the family, where the process of raising cattle is enhanced by family pride and decades of stewardship. They work tirelessly to raise the finest cattle in the country and produce exceptional beef, so chefs like myself can share this experience with our discerning guests who regularly visit Smith & Wollensky with a thirst for the best steaks in town. We are confident that our guests will agree that Double R Ranch is a truly remarkable beef that delivers the consistency and quality they’ve come to expect from our family of restaurants.”

Smith & Wollensky will feature Double R Ranch USDA prime steaks and signature filets, furthered enhanced through in-house aging for 28 days, as well as Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef at Smith & Wollensky locations in the following cities: Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Las Vegas and Miami Beach. Smith & Wollensky is the only national chain of restaurants to offer Double R Ranch. For further details about Double R Ranch and Agri Beef, visit