Smith & Wollensky proudly partners with IrishAmerican Whiskey to bring you the great Steak & Whiskey Event –  a special menu of steak and spirit offerings featuring premium IrishAmerican Classic & 10 Year Single Malt Whiskey. Now available, we are offering two expertly-crafted whiskey cocktails, a whiskey tasting flight, and the “big shindig” –  a USDA Prime New York Cut Bone-In Sirloin aged in whiskey for 30 days. This specialty Sirloin steak is now aging and is available in limited quantity through St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.


IrishAmerican Whiskey

We are pleased to feature IrishAmerican Whiskey, producers of classic Irish Whiskey matured in American bourbon casks and distilled in the South West Coast of Ireland – hence the Irish and American trademark.  The casks and aging create a unique flavor that is filtered in a non-chill process, allowing the taste and character of the casks to come through – supreme elements for creating these exquisite whiskies.

Enjoy these special steaks, spirits and cocktails now through St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.


 USDA Prime 30-Day Whiskey-Aged New York Cut Sirloin

At Smith & Wollensky, we are famous for our steak dry-aging process. For the Steak & Whiskey Event,  Executive Chef Matt took one of our most popular cuts – the USDA Prime Bone-In New York Cut Sirloin – and aged it for 30 days with IrishAmerican Whiskey, instilling a unique whiskey-infused flavor in to our signature dry-aged cut. Now aging, this exclusive USDA Prime Bone-In New York Cut Sirloin is available through St. Patrick’s Day Weekend at all Smith & Wollensky US locations.



Reserve your steak in advance, online or call your location and note “Whiskey-Aged Steak” in reservation request.

Watch Chef Matt begin the whiskey and steak aging process:


Now Available Through St. Patrick’s Day Weekend:


Whiskey Cocktails

Together with IrishAmerican Whiskey, our Head Bartender / Mixologist has created two unique whiskey cocktails, both are perfectly paired with steaks or enjoyed on their own:

Whiskey Smash – IrishAmerican Classic Blend, Mint, Mixed Berries, Angostura Bitters, Lemon, Simple Syrup

Whiskey Club – IrishAmerican Classic Blend, Apricot Brandy, Dry Vermouth, Egg White, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Orange Peel

Whiskey Tasting Flight

To taste both premium whiskey selections, enjoy our Whiskey Tasting Flight featuring IrishAmerican Classic, which uses 70% malted Irish barley in its blend, and the IrishAmerican 10 Year, which uses 100% single malted Irish barley. Each have unique and distinctively differences in appearance, flavor profile and richness.


Join us to enjoy these limited-time steak and whiskey specialty offerings, available in the dining room or at the bar.


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