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How Smith & Wollensky is One-Upping its Steakhouse Competition

Smith & Wollensky is standing out by sourcing beef from a ranch with superior standards for sustainability.
By Jen Karetnick October 2017

When consumers buy a bottle of wine, most of them know what variety of grapes they’re drinking in that particular vintage. But do they know what properties—or even how many different vineyards—those grapes come from? Not likely.

Matt King, corporate executive chef of Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, likens the way the meat industry works to winemaking. There’s plenty of prime beef on the market, but the big producers buy beef from multiple feedlots, then process and pack it. The end results are often inconsistent cuts—a relative bit of unpredictability that winds up being passed on to the diner at any given time.

Product discrepancy is only one reason King entered into an exclusive, single-sourcing partnership with the sustainability-minded Double R Ranch, founded by Robert Rebholtz Sr. Via this partnership, the ranch provides all eight of the Smith & Wollensky properties with its USDA prime steaks and signature filets. (Select Smith & Wollensky locations also serve Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu beef.)

The Double R Ranch is part of the Agri Beef network of family-owned and -operated ranches, and Agri Beef is also family-owned and -operated. The ethical animal husbandry at Double R, King says, is not only unparalleled but also on par with his own principles and those of the Boston-based restaurant chain.  Read More.